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Board game Air battle Shooting game on enemy targets
Orion Toys
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The board game "Air Battle" is an exciting activity, thanks to which you can develop logic, tactics and strategy in your child.

The game consists of a plastic field divided into 2 equal parts, a transparent plane at the top of the field and two mounted triggers on both opposite sides.

Balls of one color are placed in the starter basket at one end, and balls of the other color are placed in the other basket. The total number of balls is 30 - 15 each. two colors.

Each of the two players has 8 units of military equipment of the same color (2 types of figures - large and small aircraft). The player places his pieces in his half of the field in the slots of the playing field.

The shot is fired by pressing the trigger lever. The player directs the barrel of the starter to the target, shoots a ball, trying to kill a figure of enemy military equipment from the nest.

The rules of the game are given in the instructions.

Playing the game, the child develops fine motor skills of the fingers, concentration, accuracy, coordination between eyes and fingers.

The board game comes in a colored cardboard box with a handle.

The main parts of the toy are made by injection molding of polypropylene and have bright colors.

The transparent coating is made by polymer injection molding.

All elements of the game are made of high quality plastic with strength and durability. The colors used in the production of the game do not fade. The planes do not crack, break, deform. Contact with the parts does not cause allergies or skin irritation.

Box size: 51 x 40 x 10

Orion Toys products have European, Russian and national quality certificates and in full compliance with European environmental standards.
Only high quality raw materials are used for the production of each of the toys.



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